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Cloakroom Basins

What is a Cloakroom Basin?

Cloakroom basins are basically the same as wall hung basins, except they're typically much more compact and the tap hole position is usually either on the far left or right of the basin to optimise space. This form makes them ideal for tight spaces such as cloakrooms, ensuites or small bathrooms. At Unbeatable Bathrooms, we supply a large range of cloakroom basin styles to suit any bathroom.

Choose from 400+ cloakroom basins by; popular basin widths (such as 500mm, 550mm and 600mm); basin depths (such as 250mm, 300mm and 350mm) as well as the number of tap holes. Typical modern cloakroom basins usually come with one tap hole - for use with a mono mixer tap. Although, if you still prefer to use a separate hot and cold tap, then you can also still choose two tap hole options.

Does a cloakroom basin take up a lot of space?

Cloakroom basins tend to take up the least amount of space out of any basin. Because of their short depth (usually between 200 - 350mm), they are ideal for much smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms.

In addition to this, cloakroom basins have the benefit of providing more floor space, since they don't reach the floor. This helps to create the sense of a larger bathroom.

What taps can I use with a cloakroom basin?

Most cloakroom basins come with a single tap hole for use with a basin mixer tap, this is to save on the amount of space needed. However, there are a limited number of cloakroom basins that still offer two tap holes, if this is something you're looking for.

What are the different types of cloakroom basins?

Similar to wall hung basins, the most common cloakroom basin type is where the pipework (bottle trap) is left completely exposed to save space and to emphasise a modern or industrial appearance. There are also pedestal wall cloakroom basins, which are also wall-mounted and provide the option adding a semi-pedestal to hide the pipework, and also semi-recessed cloakroom basins to be used with fitted bathroom furniture such as vanity units.

Additionally, there are many styles of cloakroom basin: incorporating slim and sleek modern design elements, as well as more traditional design features with more intricate shapes and details.

How much is a cloakroom basin?

Cloakroom basins can be bought relatively cheaply, while still ensuring high-quality materials and craftmanship. At Unbeatable Bathrooms, you can buy cloakroom basins from just £35.